• An innovative
    Art Hotel in Milan

    So many inspirations, one style!

    Much more than a Hotel, an Art Hotel that doesn't conform to anything you've seen before: in this space projected into the future, design elements blend with art and comfort, in an atmosphere made of leisure, relaxation and perfect to meet, be inspired or simply live the moment in an unconventional hotel..

Urban pop walls

Walk and discover, along the walls of our rooms, the mixtures that Federico Unia, - in art 'Omer' - multifaceted contemporary artist, has left as frescoes in our Hotel. Looking at his works of art you will find the juxtapositions of sacred and profane, man and animal, revisited classical art and pop culture. Enjoy discovering them all and become passionate about our world.


Let's play a little: if you are passionate about comics, cartoons & co. this is paradise! At the Collini Rooms, await you the film, saga and cartoon characters belonging to the world of fantasy. Here you meet the worlds of Hollywood, Marvel and Disney giving life to an unusual convention, as there never was!


Maybe you didn't know: dinosaurs are not extinct, but you can find them at the Collini Rooms. And since they still think they can rule the world, they have positioned themselves on the roof, to better observe the street and by-passers. If you're not afraid, you can always go up and have a chat with them.


A real jungle awaits you... we don't want to give too much away, but we can assure you that the experience is a thrill! You will really feel like you are crossing the savannah... with all its inhabitants! Don't miss this unique opportunity: welcome to the jungle!

Contemporary arcade

That's how we want to define our game room. Come and explore this wing of the Collini Rooms, where you'll find pinball machines, cult games, lights and neon to immerse yourself in a nerdy atmosphere... 'modern-vintage'.

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