Collini Cafe,
panoramic restaurant

On the sixth floor,
among the lights of Milan

Contemporary cuisine with a gourmet flair. We like to keep up with the times, which run fast... but we run faster. However, Mediterranean cuisine remains at the heart of our inspiration, leaving room for creative dishes and refined ingredients.

Our restaurant's menu boasts gourmet and fusion dishes, such as salmon and soy sashimi with wasabi dressing, but of course there is no shortage of traditional dishes, such as risotto alla Milanese.

At Collini Cafe you will find a large mural by Federico Unia, which can be seen from the street. And if you want to stop for a moment to sip a drink or treat yourself to a break of taste, don't worry: our bar is waiting for you with always inviting and tasty proposals, all to try. And if you want to visit us even if you're not staying at the hotel, you're welcome: our restaurant is open to all.

Discover the menu

with a view

The majestic mural offers a spectacular inward view even from the terrace, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city and a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

New dimensions
of taste

An explosion of flavors in an Unconventional Hotel in Milan, to try new flavors that transport you to a parallel world, made of crackling combinations, always new, but unforgettable.

ristorante hotel milano

An unconventional

The restaurant of Collini Rooms is open to everyone: perfect to spend an unforgettable evening!

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Life should not only be lived,
it should be celebrated

Every day a new emotion, every time a new discovery! Milan is the home of fashion, a salon of international catwalks and a hub of design and contemporary art. In this cosmopolitan metropolis artists, stylists and representatives of the latest trends meet every year. Become part of this colorful world and experience it as a protagonist, starting with your stay!

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Special effects in
our urban bar

Did you ever expect to find such a revolutionary bar in Milan's fashion district? Collini has always represented fashion, but in our unconventional hotel we wanted to surpass ourselves and create something extraordinary; in the same way, our barmen, every day, will try to amaze you! Come and try the new Milan to drink. Because we never tire of surprising you.

But our bar also offers much more: delicious brunches, delicious snacks, and tasty appetizers. We have really thought about all the moments of the day, to delight you with a thousand different proposals. If you want, you can also sit in our Dehors on the ground floor, where you can enjoy a quick lunch break or stop for a frink, surrounded by statues of Greek and Roman inspiration, to continue a journey beyond the boundaries of time and history, signed Collini.

collini milano

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